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Training Required: Training is not required because it is easy to fit. The application is very simple , any plumber can install the equipment very easily.

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The UPVC+ range is our generic entry level unit and is primarily used for small installations such as individual homes, small apartments, small farms & gardens. These have quartz crystal balls enclosed in a copper tube that is surrounded by our proprietary mineral mix. These are available in different sizes from 1 inch to 6 inches and can be easily fitted inline into any piping system with the help of adapters.The structured water helps farmers to increase the yield quantity and quality. Regular use of structured water in your farm will to save your expenses incurred on pesticides and fertilizers, thus increasing your profit margin.

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Crystal Blue water structuring devices are cylindrical and comes with glass balls arranged in a particular manner. These glass balls are infused with rare earth minerals, the quartz compression within device produce radiant energy frequency. This energy frequency effectively reduces the surface tension and cluster size of water molecule. When the water flow through the device, it gushes over the glass balls thus creating a pressure, resonant frequency and vortex movement, hence structuring the water. These water structuring device separates water molecules which are clustered and realign them back to their original, free state.

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