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User friendly interface that allows easy mapping of the field under cultivation using google maps , this data is used by the aircraft for automatic spraying with minimum human input. Maximum of 25 Acres per day is possible for Indian conditions at 10 liters per acre. Attachments like ground sensing radar and obstacle avoidance makes it easy for any user to operate the machine with minimum training and experience. An inbuilt camera that gives a live HD feed on the display in the remote control makes it easy to navigate , coupled with the gps system that gives the real time location of the drone , the user can always stay updated with the position of the drone in google maps thus ensuring hassle free operation.

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Agrodrones are equipped with micro spray nozzles that optimizes droplet size for faster plant absorption and reduces water and medicine usage. The Remote control is equipped with software that allows the user to scale and map the land under cultivation and give precise coordinates for medicine spraying. Optional attachments like Rtk unit and multispectral Camera imaging helps to identify nutrient deficient areas of land for precision spraying.

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