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Organization Name: ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak

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Product Description: Complete feed block (CFB) are prepared from local fodder resources like agri-by products like maize stover, paddy straw, millet straw; chopped and mixed with concentrate mixtures made up of crushed maize, deoiled cakes, mineral mixture, iodised salts in different proportions. Molssses (jagary) is used as binders @ 1-3% of the total mixed ration. The total mixed ration properly mixed with molasses are compresses in CFB making machines to make feed blocks of 1.5 to 2kg sizes. The benefits of the CFBs is less storage place requirement and are easy to transport .

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   Director, ICAR-NRC on Yak

Current Stage: Market ready

Training Required: Vets and Para vets are trained for the preparation of CFBs using compressed CFB making machines during different training programmes organized by the institute from time to time. The institute is ready to train more and more technicians/officers for CFB making and its uses.

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

ICAR-NRC on Yak, Dirag is the only organization producing CFBs for yaks. No other source is available in Indian market for this unique product for yaks

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

Yaks rearing is practising in small pockets of high altitude areas of Western and Eastern Himalayas of the country. They are facing acute shortage of feeds and fodders especially duirng harsh winter leading to loss of 25-30% of their body weights and drops milk yields towards nil. Supplermentation of the CFBs markedly reduces the weight losses and milk yields in yaks both under farm and filed conditions. Hence, CFB technology can solve the problems of reduction in growth and productivity in yaks duirng winter.

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It is readily available for market

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:

Funding may be provided to State Animal Husbandry Department for setting up of the Feed/Fodder banks for storing animals feeds in the form of CFBs in respective yak rearing states.

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