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Poultry farms increase their efficiency by a minimum of 3-5% Remote Monitoring - Sensor data is used to analyze and to find one or more abnormal conditions within each of the hatchery units. Anomalies, for example include, changes or deviations in temperature, humidity, fan, and rack rotation, malfunctioning of the fan and rack, opening of incubator door for more than threshold time period, power fluctuations or power failure and so on and sends notification on any change in conditions.Reduces overall mortality & improves quality and performance of chick at farm level,Monitors all the operations of hatchery farms and feed plants in a single windowPlug & Play solution no modification required to existing machinery

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PoultryMon is a real time remote monitoring solutions for Poultry hatcheries and farms for increased visibility enabling increase in efficiency and quality enhancing transparency and traceability using AI and IoT. PoultryMon demonstrates added value of connectivity and complete visibility into the hatching process minimizes the possibilities of human errors

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