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Organization Name: Ecoterra Biodesign

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Product Description: we are in to manufacturing of eco Friendly packaging material made out of agriculture waste and roots of mushroom.

Price: 190 INR/wet weight of agri waste (In )


Current Stage: In Prototype

Training Required: for further research support from IIHR-Bangalore is needed in terms of guidance and lab asess.

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

our material is 100 % home compostible packaging material. its a high strength material. it also shows fire resistance and water repellent properties.

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

styrofoam based packaging brings so much pollution on earth. it requires more than 500 yrs. to degrade. and then also it will not degrade completely. it will break in to small microplastic particle that will later on come to a human food chain.

Business Model:

Business to Business

Tentative Time to go to Market:

in coming 3 months.

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:


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