IShWAR - Irrigation Scheduling using real-time data on Water Availability and Requirement

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Product Description: "The canal irrigation efficiency in India is very low with an average of about 38% (GoI, 2011). It is widely accepted that structural or hardware measures, such as canal lining and installation of control structures, may not alone be sufficient to improve the efficiency. The non-structural or software measures, such as reliable real-time & forecasted demand & supply values, updated delivery rules, and effective communication between water management engineers & farmers, are equally important, and more so for developing countries because they need less financial investment compared to structural measures. The proposed technology, termed IShWAR, will collect and process water supply and demand information in real time, and present it to water management engineers and farmers to enhance their synergies. The enhanced synergies will improve the canal irrigation efficiency and thereby increase the overall water productivity in the command area. IShWAR combines the satellite data, ground sensor data on crops and canal water supply data from instruments into an empirical/AI model. The model generates and issues weekly advisories to both the irrigation department and farmers. The engineers will be advised on exactly how much water to release in each canal network and what should be the right schedule to maximize the basin productivity. The farmers will be advised on how much water to input to crops and when so to maximize the crop yield."

Price: If all the cultivated land in one canal command area adopt the solution then the cost is INR 20/acre/month (In )

   Mr. Vinay Chataraju

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