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Product Description: "1. Our Flagship technology platform ?DataGreen? is a global award-winning, robust and flexible platform backed by ICT, Geospatial, AI & ML, Blockchain, Data analytics which captures farmer information at the field and has been adopted over 2.4 million ha of farmlands, enriching lives of over 1 million+ farmers while working with 150+ organizations spread across 28 countries with wide coverage of 350+ crop signatures so far. 2. SourceTrace has a comprehensive set of applications to manage the agriculture value chain from ?farm to fork?. In addition, SourceTrace?s open architecture allows the integration with external devices and systems with relative ease. 3. Data is collected on an android mobile device in the field, often in scattered, remote and multiple locations. The technology can function as effectively in low bandwidth or no bandwidth conditions & across remote and scattered locations, it can capture data in 14 languages. 4. The application allows the field staff to capture field-level information of all the critical data required as a part of operations and keep the management informed of the status in real- time. 5. The GPS coordinates and the visual data of the environment is transmitted to the servers for management/experts review and ensure that the farmers comply with the best practices. It has both web and mobile platforms. 6. Remote sensing and AI/ML are used in crop yields, advisory and pest & disease management. Blockchain technology is used in securing data where big data is involved, especially when it comes to solutions like Traceability. Company has invested remarkably in enhancing the platform leveraging more cutting-edge technologies like remote sensing, a. Blockchain, AI/ML for the weather forecast, pest & disease alerts and data security for Traceability. 7. Using the above-mentioned technologies, platform offers a host of eight solutions: farm management, farmer advisory services, certification, traceability, supply chain management, monitoring and evaluation, market linkage and financial services. 8. Traceability is one of the major arms of SourceTrace. Traceability is an increasingly common element of public and private systems for monitoring compliance with quality, environmental, and other product and/or process attributes related to food. Traceability is therefore becoming a pre-requisite to establish safety of food products. "

Price: The costing is based on the number of farmers and can be scaled up from a few hundreds to a few thousands. Ideally we follow one time licence fee and ongoing subscription fee model. (In )

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