FOODSIGN:Block chain for Traceability & Food Safety

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Organization Name: TraceX Technologies Private Limited

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Product Description: "FOODSIGN? is a blockchain-powered digital agriculture solution that ensures connected, clean, traceable, and transparent supply chain. FOODSIGN? leverages BLOCKCHAIN to enable multiple participants across the supply chain to securely exchange data via a shared digital ledger. Starting from the farmer ecosystem all the way to the consumer (farm-to-fork): field-level information including farmer, farm, crop, agriculture practices, including the movement of the commodity within the value chain to generate a digital identity for a physical commodity and eventually build traceability to prove provenance via a simple QR Code. The salient features of the solution are: 1. Farm Management System ? Comprehensive functionality to manage multiple eco system such as FPOs, Co-Ops & Contract Farming 2. Crop Monitoring ? Geo mapping of farm locations, Crop Planning, Package-of-Practices, Input Planning, Crop stage monitoring, Crop activity monitoring, Weather forecasts 3. Mobility ? Multi-lingual, off-line enabled easy to use mobile application for farmers and fields staff 4. Post-Harvest Management ? Flexible post-harvest processing and manufacturing configuration, warehouse receipts, storage, processing, Inventory and Sales 5. Food safety and Traceability ? Comprehensive pre and post-harvest traceability via a QR Code on Blockchain across the supply chain 6. Data Analytics - Intelligent insights into on-field and off-the-field activities "

Price: Rs. 25-100/farmer/month. Our licensing model is per farmer/month: Depending on the volumes, the list price varies between Rs.25/farmer/month to Rs.100/Farmer/Month. Additionally, a one-time fee for service provisioning, configuration and training fee is applicable which depends on the of farmers, of trainings and so on. (In )

   Mr. Srivatsa TS, Mr. Anil Nadig

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