Neo Lending Digital Platform for Agri Loans

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Organization Name: WTSLN Fintech Private Limited

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Product Description: Neo Lending Digital Platform for Agri Loans

Price: 500 rupees per loan file (In )


Current Stage: Ready for mass production

Training Required: Yes, Virtual training through Net Meetings

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

We are able to bring Digital Identity of the Farmer, Farm, Crop, Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries along with Land Ownership records, Satellite data for Land Scoring and Crop Scoring as an alternative to Bureau Scores.

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

Platform works on MongoDB, Hosted on AWS Cloud Server in India, works in micro modular way.

Business Model:

Business to Business

Tentative Time to go to Market:

Launched in 2020 with more than 1 Lakh farmers on the Platform.

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:

Yes we need support for Funding and Grants

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