Establishment of centralized community based Garment production unit for School Uniforms of Government school students-both boys and girls.....Advance Industrial sewing machines and equipment-Single needle flat lock stitch machine, Bar Tacking machine,Interlocking machine, Button attaching machine,Button holing machine, Elastic attaching machine,computerized embroidery machine, fabric cutter, vacuum ironing table,computer,software of pattern making and grading,etc.

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Organization Name: Experiential learning unit of Apparel Production Management ,CCAS,MPUAT,Udaipur

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   Dr Meenu Srivastava

Current Stage: In Prototype

Training Required: Skill training to rural youth and women will develop confidence in them to make pattern of requisites sizes of both boys and girls of different age groups on computer using Pattern making and grading software. Further, training on use of advance sewing machines and equipment will enable them to take bulk orders and commercially produce these uniforms in an economic manner.

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

Use of good quality fabric with required parameters like no pilling, colour,fast, strong, abrasion resistant,etc.

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

School uniform is compulsory for students of all government secondary and senior secondary schools of Rajasthan. With the focus of government to educate all children including girl child, there is huge demand of school uniform every year.Presently they are procured from urban retailers at higher prices, one of the reason for this may be unskilled tailoring person at village level. If rural youth and women are given skill training on use of advance sewing machines and equipment, they can be engaged in commercial production of school uniforms to meet out the local yearly need of school uniforms for both boys and girls of different age groups.This will also help in employment generation at village level and will promote local for vocal in long run. In future, there are chances that these aspiring youth may get bigger orders of school uniform orders from private schools also. This enterprise will raise their economic standard and will make them self sustained in long run.

Business Model:

can be taken up as a business model

Tentative Time to go to Market:

6 months

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:

Training and development, Training-2 lakhs, Development- 25 lakh, Contingency- 3 lakh, Overhead like, rent of rooms , electricity, technical manpower , wages,etc.- 5 lakh, Total- 35 lakh

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