Cultivation of commercial medicinal plants and primary processing

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   Dr. Siddhartha Mishra

Current Stage: The package of practice has been already developed by the National Medicinal Plants Development Board, New Delhi

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

We are only focusing on commercial medicinal plants, this technique will lower the cost of production of these medicinal plants of the farmers.The incubation centre will provide the seeds and low cost technology of primary processing to the farmers.

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

The konkan region has good prospects for cultivation of medicinal plants. However, proper planting material, primary processing and marketing knowledge is lacking.

Business Model:

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Tentative Time to go to Market:

3 months to 12 months

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:

National Medicinal Plant Board, New Delhi

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