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Current Stage: It is still a concept. It will require initial investment. But will ensure that every household has at least one cow. If it multiplies to the whole country the number of reared animals will be extraordinarily large. The concept is simple. As every family send its children to school for education and and pays for expenses towards education in the anticipation that their children will achieve something (for which there is no guarantee), similarly, a family will send his cow to animal hostel he will pay for its rearing and maintenance, and in return he will get pure unadulterated milk.

Training Required: Team work (extension agents and veterinarians)

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Unique Features Of The Solution/equipment - How Is It Different Than What Is Available In The Market:

A (school) hostel will be there which will be comprised of agricultural land wherein animals will be reared and feed and fodder will be grown. The twist is that people in the society who wants to have milk from their own animal don't have to bear the tension of keeping/rearing the cows. They would admit their cow (ward) into the animal hostel by paying certain annual fees. The animal will be tagged (DNA Finger print, digital Bar code) and the registration number will be given to the owner (parent). In turn, the owner will get equivalent amount of milk everyday with mobile photo record to prove that they are getting milk from their own cows. Because of DNA Bar coding to every individual animal, the owner can test his milk sample as and when he wishes to do do so) Animal Hostel: It will be maintained by the team of experts including veterinarians, hired contractual laborers under specialized and standards animal husbandry practices. One such hostel will cover the approachable households in a village to which raw milk can be supplied without spoilage.Cost benefit analyses: In addition to the initial admission fee, a nominal amount will be charged from the owner for the amount of milk which he or she purchases. So what the school (animal hostel) gets is registration fees + milk cost + 3% of monthly consumption+ animal). What the animal hostel will have to spend: On everything which includes rearing cost+ veterinary care cost+annual breeding cost+semen cost , Feed and fodder etc. Initial investment: rearing shed+Feed and fodder+medicine+semen+labor).

Indicate Process Followed to arrive at the problem statement for which Solution has been developed:

Problem: People are not willing to keep dairy animals because of limited resources (labor, feed etc) or lack of space in the urban territories or because of repulsion towards field based work, in spite of the fact that everyone wish to have pure unadulterated milk for family and children. Processes followed to arrive at the problem: personal observation as a common netizen and researcher.

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Tentative Time to go to Market:

6 months

Please Identify if Support is Sought for Funding:

Funding will be needed to develop prototype infrastructure for a dairy farm of 20 animals in around 2 acre of land

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